No Interest on a Credit Card?

Credit cards are a popular venue through which consumers like to spend money. Credit is an easy way to keep track of expenses and also make larger purchases more convenient and help the consumer with budgeting concerns. Many banks offer credit cards though and to stay competitive – many are offering consumers deals that can’t be refused.


Credit cards are packed with features that help the consumer budget, reward the consumer with points that can be redeemed for travel or toys and now many banks offer Credit Cards at 0% interest! A consumer needs to be aware of the pros and cons of such offers though. Simply looking at the promotional offer and not paying attention to the fine print can lead to a lot of headaches in the future and a lot of bills that one might wish they could just throw in the bin.


Pay attention to the terms and conditions that have the Credit Card 0% offers as they are often only giving the 0% offer for a limited time. There may also be fees or recurring charges that could be assessed at certain times or if certain obligations are not met. Purchases that are made on the Credit Card 0% contracts may be charged interest if the consumer has not paid back the purchases by the time the introductory offer is up. This may cause more to be spent if the consumer is not aware of these conditions.


Banks are looking to compete for business and are willing to offer cards that can be a real deal if the consumer is willing to shop for a good card that has a competitive rate and offers the features that the consumer is looking for. As with so many things in life though it is important to pay attention to the details!

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